Sunday, March 30, 2014

Dangerous collusion – Government Service With Compensation!

It would be surprising to claim that government offices in Nepal are functioning properly providing all kinds of services on time with no hassle. But government records say exactly that. Following several complaints from various walks of life, the government launched a programme “service with compensation” at the beginning of Nepali New Year.

The plan was targeted at six government offices with the highest traffic of people and monetary transactions, and where corruption was more likely, including Department of Foreign Employment, Department of Immigration, Department of Land Tax, and Department of Transport Management.

The plan states that if any public work is delayed for whatever reason at these offices, line officials will be liable to pay compensations. The compensations may not be just monetary; the official may lose out on government facilities including foreign visits and promotions.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

In search of 'Fitkiree'!

Few disguised people abduct a businessman who was enjoying Dheusi – Bhailo at his home. The businessman is taken to a secret place where he could only sense cowshed.

Later releases him taking 10 million rupees as ransom.

And the case comes to police who gets the only clue – ‘Fitkiree’ name of a cow that gives plenty of milk. The businessman shares that he heard kidnappers talking about Fitkiree.

And, here starts a search for ‘Fitkiree’, the only indication that leads to the culprit. The story moves in a thrilling way where the policeman shows us every possible investigation performed to track, according to the ‘clue’. 

Friday, March 21, 2014

Earth Laughs in Flower

I'd rather have roses on my table than diamonds on my neck. 

~Emma Goldman at my garden

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Are we bothered?

Few weeks’ back I was walking along the road in Anamnagar – I saw a group of people gathered in the Chowk and shouting ‘watch out, watch out there’s electric current’. I was curious to know and went towards the crowd. People shouted at me hey, watch out – later I realized that I almost step on the electric current wire that was lying in the street.

There were some police trying to stop pedestrians, motorcyclist and other vehicles.

It was sure if anyone had stepped on the wire could have died immediately – as the wire seemed of big power.

The incident was just an example – if you have taken a ride around Kathmandu or walked along the street; it will be hard to find electric poles with managed wires.

One can witness unmanaged wires lying on the street, hanging on the electric poles and even buildings.

It’s not just ruining the beauty of Kathmandu but also ‘posing threat’ to the resident of the capital city.

It can anytime turn into ‘fire’ killing several people or destroying huge amount of property– and there has been such instances in Kathmandu too.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Together to Support TEAM NEPAL

(photo credit - SETOPATI.COM)
Holi, Fagu, Fagua, Ranga Panchami. 
As Shakespeare has said, a rose with any other name would smell as sweet, call this festival the way you want, the festival spreads the undying spirit of auspiciousness and gaiety.
With the country’s politics mired in differences and the constitution deadline fast approaching, Nepal's Cricket Team brought a new hope for the country and brought Nepalis closer and together to celebrate the festival of colours. 
Together, different colours present a vibrant picture. That’s the beauty of this festival.