Saturday, May 3, 2014

Landing at the World's Dangerous Airport

This is Lukla - the gateway to world's highest peak Sagarmatha also known as Mount Everest.

This is one of the world's dangerous airport - because of its geography, uniqueness in - landing and take off.

For us it was not easy to land in Lukla - it has a very fluctuating weather as it changes in a minute leaving airport close - we had to try for the second attempt to land in Lukla.

In the first attempt after waiting for five hours we got in the flight - but had to come back after flying for 15 minutes as weather went worse resulting into closure of Lukla airport - it really was a scary moment.

The second try was smooth - we did it the following morning - early morning flights are more likely to land in Lukla.

Despite of the thrill once you land in Lukla - you will have a different moment - you forget all the adventure and scary moments and become busy experiencing the beauty of high snowy peak mountain and a cool weather - beautiful surroundings and welcoming people.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Dangerous collusion – Government Service With Compensation!

It would be surprising to claim that government offices in Nepal are functioning properly providing all kinds of services on time with no hassle. But government records say exactly that. Following several complaints from various walks of life, the government launched a programme “service with compensation” at the beginning of Nepali New Year.

The plan was targeted at six government offices with the highest traffic of people and monetary transactions, and where corruption was more likely, including Department of Foreign Employment, Department of Immigration, Department of Land Tax, and Department of Transport Management.

The plan states that if any public work is delayed for whatever reason at these offices, line officials will be liable to pay compensations. The compensations may not be just monetary; the official may lose out on government facilities including foreign visits and promotions.